Developing comprehensive behavioral profiles of online shoppers


A global manufacturer of chocolate and non-chocolate confectioneries


More than 100 shoppers on different devices across multiple e-channels


Media Laboratory

Expression Analysis
Eye Tracking
Heart Rate


Unlike advertising, which is specifically engineered to evoke maximum arousal, the online shopping landscape is not clearly emotionally defined.

Our client wanted to better understand the purchase decisions of its online customers and how their decision drivers change as they move from landing to checkout.


Incorporate personality traits, need states, behaviors, habits, and body measures to develop behavioral profiles of online shoppers across multiple devices and e-channels. Identify trigger moments and primary drivers of purchase decisions throughout the shopping journey.


  • Shoppers exhibit a predictable series of moods across the online shopping journey
  • Impulsive shoppers have different biometric profiles than less-impulsive shoppers
  • More expensive selections are added to cart during the third and fourth quartiles of the session
  • The first half of the journey is focused more on cognitive aspirations and product selection, while the second half is characterized by an emotion-laden process of de-selection.
  • Online purchase journey follows asymptotic S-shaped curve from Prospect Theory