Working with Merchant Mechanics means you will receive best-in-class market research rooted in scientific expertise, informed by experience, and composed from a complete array of preeminent methodologies.

By finding the ideal combination of conventional and cutting-edge methods to meet any given challenge, Merchant Mechanics ensures the delivery of integrated, cost-effective, reliable solutions.

We don’t just report; we educate through our three-tiered project approach—decode, interpret, convert. As a research consultancy, we are committed to understanding our clients’ needs, quantifying the nature of their audience’s behaviors, and using that knowledge to improve our clients’ businesses…and the world.


Practical insights require more than oceans of data to mine. We are data scientists and consumer experts who understand your business objectives.


New tools allow for unprecedented access to the consumer mind. We bridge the gap between conventional methods and neuroscientific techniques.


Insights from complex data still need to tell a story. We are agents of narrative that take you beyond description.