Our clients love us. The feeling's mutual.

We are so pleased with the partnership and consulting we get from Merchant Mechanics. They are one of the few suppliers we work with who leads with thoughtful and timely consulting first—and backed by a wide range of concrete behavioral research methods, combined with traditional, that comprehensively address our questions.

Brenda Munroe, Research Manager

Shopper Experience, Specialty CPGM

You are a wonderful resource for research in the business-to-business marketplace.

Mac Byrd, Senior Marketing Manager

Kodak Digital Imaging

This study has provided valuable facts for implementing the future retrofitting of end-caps and other promotional areas in GNC stores in the United States and Canada.

Art McSorley, VP of Construction

General Nutrition Centers

Our retail clients love the availability of detailed information about how our lighting affects consumer behavior. Having empirical third-party information that Merchant Mechanics provides really pays off.

Kathy Pattison, VP of Marketing

Color Kinetics Inc.

This is the kind of research that has been sorely needed in our industry. Your approach to research allows retailers to move more quickly and with more confidence.

Steve Kaufman, Editor

Visual Merchandising & Store Design Magazine

In 2010-2011, Merchant Mechanics designed and executed the most comprehensive multi-methodological study of the Path-to-Purchase ever conducted, earning our client the prestigious IBM LEAD Award for Consumer Engagement.

This cross-category in-store and in-home study deployed a ground-breaking combination of traditional research techniques, videographic behavioral analysis, and cutting-edge neurocognitive methods, including the first-ever large-scale, nationwide deployment of in-aisle EEG and eye-tracking to assess the experiences and brain activity of freely-moving shoppers in real-world environments.

The study employed multiple methods to investigate and track consumers as they planned, shopped, prepared, and consumed beverages and simple meals. Over the course of the study, Merchant Mechanics uncovered several previously unknown Pivotal Moments of Influence along the entire Path-to-Purchase.

The powerful insights and actionable recommendations generated by our work have been successfully implemented, and our client is on track to earn a Research ROI of more than 100-to-1.