Retail Forensics
Retail Forensics®  The science of analyzing what consumers think, feel, say, and do in order to determine how and why purchase decisions are made.

Award Winning Architects of Methodologically Integrated Research Programs


Merchant Mechanics is an award-winning research firm specializing in shopper behavior, consumer neuroscience and behavioral economics. We have extensive expertise in the Cognitive, Behavioral and Affective Neurosciences. Learn more about us


We pioneered use of in-store EEG, eye tracking and arousal measures in award winning Path-to-Purchase Research. Through our approach of “Little Big Data®,” we provide clients with objective, actionable insights based on integrated research methods that untangle the intricacies of consumer behavior and decision making.Learn about our services


Our multidimensional, integrated approach not only identifies patterns in consumer behavior but also reveals perceptions, preferences and attitudes undetectable by traditional market research methods.Learn about our approach

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